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I Started This Website Because I Suffered From Jock Itch And I Was Totally Unsatisfied With The Treatments Offered By Doctors And Pharmacists!!!

There must be countless men (and women) out there suffering like I did using treatments that don't work, cause bad side effects or need to be used for weeks, months or longer with pathetic results!


Groin Rash or Jock Itch?

If you’re feeling a little itchy in your inner thighs and groin, don’t assume right away that you’re having jock itch, as it may be a simple groin rash. Jock itch has a lot of other names, including groin rot and groin itch, and it is easy to mistake a simple rash from a jock itch. However, groin rash CAN lead to jock itch if not treated right away. The rash is an irritation of the skin, and can contribute to the dampening of the skin folds, making it easy for fungi to latch on to and infect. To treat groin rash and to avoid its transition into becoming a fungal infection, you simply need to keep it dry.

Image of Groin Rash.The difference between groin rash and jock itch is the same as the difference between a baby’s diaper rash and yeast infection - the fungi. However, the necessary environment for either to occur is the same. Groin rash develops when a person is wearing tight underwear - or in a baby’s case, a diaper - that irritates the skin. Jock itch, on the other hand - or yeast infections in a baby’s case - develops when the tight underwear or diaper makes the groin area too hot, which leads to dampening of the crotch through sweating. Both can occur simultaneously.

Either way, the treatments remain the same. For groin rash, you can just put baby powder to keep the skin smooth and dry so as to eliminate any potential infection by fungi. You can also go the old school way of putting cornstarch instead of baby powder, as it is proven effective with diaper rash - a similar case. Other things you should do are pretty much common sense. Don’t scratch the rash no matter how itchy it is as it will only make the rash worse. Keep it dry and cool by wearing lighter and looser underwear.

There is no need to purchase anything from your pharmacies unless your groin rash proves to be persistent. If after about a week the groin rash still doesn’t go away, then it is already probably jock itch. From here on, you can continue to just put baby powder - no longer cornstarch, mind you - keep it dry, and wearing looser underwear. There’s still no need to get oils and creams for it, but it is up to you. The reason for this is because jock itch often just goes away naturally after over a week as long as you wash the infected areas frequently with antifungal soap and shampoos, and as long as you keep them dry most of the time.

If you don’t want to take the risk or if you do not want to deal with discomfort for more than a week, then you can proceed to medications such as Canesten creams. If you want a cheaper approach, then there are a lot of all natural oils that you can apply twice a day to make your jock itch go away. You can find them easily in your local supermarkets, or online.


My jock itch disappeared after over a week, not within days. It didn’t come back, though. So far, your methods performed better than what the doctors told me. Keep up the good work!
Jason, Arizona, US

Hi. I first thought it wouldn’t work since I was a woman, but it did. Thank you!
Brenda, England

My wife had this jock itch for two months and the creams didn’t do jack. She was hesitant at first, but I finally convinced her to take your advice since I already downloaded the thing. She felt no itching after three hours of the treatment, and the whole thing was gone by the end of the week. She says she feels sexier now, and I tip my hat to you for that. So yeah, it seems to work for women as well.
Scott O’Brian, Los Angeles

This is awesome, dawg! The confidence of a manly man like me is now back up after I got rid of my jock itch.
Nick Burns, Baltimore

I’m an athlete and I started getting jock itch because of the supporters I was wearing. Needless to say it messed up my game. I found no treatment as quick to delivering relief as this one. Thanks so much!
Brody, Canada

It worked when nothing else did. Nuff said.
James Thompson, New York

Thought I’d just share a real testimony. Tried it out, but didn’t get results after three days and was thinking about getting a refund. On the fourth day, I felt no itch, so I thought I’d give it one more day. The next day, there was an improvement. After about six days, I was free of it. Continued to apply it for the next week just to be sure. Still, it worked for me. Not as fast as I’d hoped, but it did get the job done.
Myron Hughes, Melbourne

I always thought natural remedies are fine. I just didn’t know which ones to use for my jock itch. Yours were popular, so I decided to give it a shot. I was SHOCKED! I knew it would work, but I didn’t know naturopathy could be so quick! My jock itch was gone after three days! Thanks thanks thanks!
Bill Miles

Hey there, Rebecca here. Just thought I’d drop by and let you know another woman has found that your treatment works wonderfully! My itch was gone after five days!
Becky Thorton, Oregon

I’m probably a rare case, but my jock itch was gone the next day. Well, there were traces of it left but the annoyances were gone. So thanks for this!
Mike McDonnel, Australia

Three hour relief, and completely cured in two days. This stuff is amazing! And I’m a woman, so yeah this works for women.
Cecile, US

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